YEELIGHT 10W RGB E27 won't show up in Xiaomi Home App after switching to German server

I switched my 3 bulbs (together with other Xiaomi and Aqara stuff) from the China Mainland server to the German server (because my Xiaomi vacuum robot is allready there).

I reset the bulbs and added them successfully within the Xiaomi home app.

But they won’t show up as new devices there.

If I open the Yeelight app and switch to the German server all 3 bulbs are usable there.

Is it just an incompatiblity issue with the Xiaomi app and the bulbs (on the German servers).

All Xiaomi devices are made for certain region. And they can be used only within the region. I.e. china bulb can’t be used in europe region and vice versa. That is in MIHOME app. In yeelight app. ,however, there is no such limitation for Yeelight products (supported by Yeelight app). Your bulbs are probably chinese that’s why they don’t work in MIHOME.

What Vacum cleaner do you have? If it is Roborock S5x you could flash Chinese firmware onto it and have everything in China region…

Thanks for your answer.

It’s a Xiaomi Vacuum Robot 1st Gen. Can’t use it on Chinese servers.

So I’ll have to switch the other devices back to the Chinese server and use the robot on the German server :frowning:

Was hoping if I could add the devices with the Xiaomi Home app, I can use them with it too…

But my YLDP06YL lamps (BULBS v2) are the European/USA version (manual in English, Russian, Freanch, Spanish, etc…), why are they compatible only with Mainland?

Who says they are? If they’re european version, you can use them on european server only in MIHOME app.

In Yeelight app, you can use them anywhere.

Because the Chinese version has the manual in Chinese(and sometimes with English). The international has many languages

Then you should be able to use it in MiHome on European server. Or in Yeelight on any server.

Yeelight app works very well, it’s perfect
Mi Home doesn’t. This version of bulb is recognized only in Mainland gateway (it does not work also in Singapore)
In all the other gateways (Europe, America, etc) is present only the version 1 of the bulb

This is the box of the bulb v2

For instance I’ve bought also a Lightstrip plus. Added in Mi Home easily and found immediately in Yeelight app without the need of add it manually

you have color2 bulb (white body). it’s china only. if you want global you have to buy color3 bulb (silver body). but it’s not yeelight branded, it’s mi from xiaomi. you can find it in mi stores, it has mi or mijia (shield) logo on it.

btw: on your screen from mi home it’s mi bulb. yeelight 1st gen was similar (silver body) but it had yeelight logo on it, not mi/mijia logo.

Funny that Google Assistant sees all my lights through Mi Home!
(sorry for the Italian language)

Luce cucina (Kitchen light) and Luce studio (Study room light) are YLDP06YL
These lights are registered only in Yeelight app (German server)

afaik yeelight app can bind yeelight devices to all regions, but you still can’t access them with mi home if you bind to region which they don’t belong to. yeelight can bypass xiaomi region policy, but only in their app for their devices.

The 2019 ones are finally available in the EU server! Great!

What does that mean?
Are the V2 bulbs usuable now in the Xiaomi app?
Or are only newer bulbs recognized?

Yes, the 2nd version (begin of 2019) is available in the EU gateway since the half of November

Thanks a lot.

Can confirm it’s working now on EU servers:

Only thing which is not working correctly, is my Xiaomi Hub…but that’s not the right topic for a Yeelight forum :slight_smile:

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