Urgent firmware downgrade request (2.0.6_0051) Home Assistant Unavaliability

we have payed for your product according to its feature described , but now after upgrading firmware we don’t have access to lan mode . please white list my mi id .

hello, whitelist me please too, I’d like to use lan control for Yeelight app
mi id: 4177524766
region: Russia
model: Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb


Can you please whitelist me to enable lan control

MiID : 1781799041
Server : china


I have the same problem, please whitelist 4155014757 (mainland China)

Hi Guys,
I have 2 MJDP02YL lights. Because I can’t enable LAN control I can’t use them with Home Assistant.
Please Whitelist my account.
MI ID : 6235062758
Server : Frankfurt

are there anyone had response???

Any changes on it? This still a problem since I can’t even add this light to yeelight app


Can you please whitelist me to enable lan control?

MiID : 6437135392
Server : china