Low brightness with Mi Led Bulb and firmware 2.0.29


just received the last firmware for my 2 Mi Led Bulb with native homekit integration (was using homebridge).
I have a problem that I hoped would be fixed with the official integration :
When I choose a color in the Home App, the brightness is low and I can’t get back to the “bright white” color.

I have to open the Mi Home app and choose the “White light” mode to be able to get a decent brightness.
And every time I change the color a little bit, the max brightness lowers a lot and I have to get back again in the Mi Home app to have a decent brightness if I need to.

Will it be fixed with a firmware update ?
Because for now, the bulb is not very well integated with homekit.

Thanks !

Same issue… can’t get a “bright white mode” with apple homekit .
With Google Home the white lights range works very well.
Will it be fixed with a firmware update ?