Low brightness with Mi Led Bulb and firmware 2.0.29


just received the last firmware for my 2 Mi Led Bulb with native homekit integration (was using homebridge).
I have a problem that I hoped would be fixed with the official integration :
When I choose a color in the Home App, the brightness is low and I can’t get back to the “bright white” color.

I have to open the Mi Home app and choose the “White light” mode to be able to get a decent brightness.
And every time I change the color a little bit, the max brightness lowers a lot and I have to get back again in the Mi Home app to have a decent brightness if I need to.

Will it be fixed with a firmware update ?
Because for now, the bulb is not very well integated with homekit.

Thanks !


Same issue… can’t get a “bright white mode” with apple homekit .
With Google Home the white lights range works very well.
Will it be fixed with a firmware update ?

I have the same problem. I can’t set the lights to white light mode in apple homekit, it turns back to color and cannot go to full brightness mode. This works in XiaomiHome app

Same problem now. Is there someone that fix this problem?

Same issue here. My bulbs are using firmware 2.0.6_0035 and full white brightness doesn’t work with HomeKit.

Same problem here. Yeelight color bulb 1S

I encounter the same thing on the latest software, just like Jaribgv, but now in August. It worked fine since May since I got it. I just had to give it a factory reset because it was not synchronized with my Xiaomi App anymore. I am using the Google Home app though.

I have exactly the same issues using both Google Home or Homekit. Everytime we pick a colour, it will change the bulb to colour mode and try to mix a fake white using colours, resulting in a very dim result. When I go to the Mi app I can see that the bulb is in colour mode and can only get brighter when manually switching to the “White” mode… It’s been many months with no solution yet…

I have the same problem. I tried with apple home, google home and smart things. Everytime it results in a dimmer light than when I set it up with Mi Home. Please help and fix this!!!

This is what support from Yeelight told me:

Because the light of the bulb in HomeKit is mixed with color, so there may be cases where the brightness is low.
It is a HomeKit problem, we cannot fix it, sorry for the inconvenience.”

Same problem here but with google home and firmware 2.0.6_0035

before firmware upgrade was working correctly…
i’ve tried a factory default reset (on off 5 times) but nothing to do, the problem is still here…
is there a way to restore the original firmware on the bulbs?

I want to do a downgrade when it comes to the firmeare as well but the support told me it’s impossible. This is outrageous especially since the bulbs were working amazing before this.

Same problem here :frowning:

Same issue here with iOs 14.4.2

I created a “discussion” on apple’s support forum here : https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252721751

Also, I’d recommend you report the bug to apple here : iPhone - Thank You - Apple

The more people report the issue, the likelier the app devs will take a look at it :wink:

It’s not actually a HomeKit bug, despite what Yeelight may lead you to believe. The bulbs can derive colour temperature from the provided characteristics.

As a matter of fact: Yeelight used to do this in previous firmware versions (e.g. 1.3.18) can provide extremely bright whites using HomeKit. Other bulb manufacturers also have no problems doing this, such as Nanoleaf, Hue, VOCOlinc, and Meross.

This is a flaw in the firmware that was introduced at some point after 1.3.18 and this bug is exclusive to Yeelight or other manufacturers that fail to implement colour temperature matching.