ylxd05yl 480 - only works as a dumb light


I have:

  1. ylxd05yl 480
  2. Alexa - Amazon Echo device with Yeelight Skill and MiHome Skill
  3. Many xiaomi products
  4. Android + iOS
  5. Yeelight + MiHome apps server Singapore and China Mainland Server

I bought the Yeelight Ceiling Light for voice control with Alexa.

  1. Alexa can not find the Yeelight, with Yeelight Skill set to Singapore and China.
  2. MiHome can not find Yeelight using bot China and Singapore server.

Can somebody please list the steps to make the Yeelight work with Alexa? Only the Yeelight App can find the ylxd05yl. It says the FW is latest,

I also have some Xiaomi BLE sensors which would be awesome if I could get them to work with the Yeelight, so if somebody can list the steps to add the ylxd05yl to the MiHome that would super awesome.

Thanks :slight_smile:

From the lack of response I am guessing that is it in fact just a dumb light and all the google/alexa support is a straight out lie.
I feel bad for paying US$110 for a dumb light.
I will never buy another yeelight.
Is it possible to load tasmota to make it a “smart” light?

Currently servers except china server support Alexa yet, you can try with Singapore server. You can add it with Yeelight, if you can’t see the lamp in page of “Add device” in mihome, it means mihome doesn’t support it at current server.

Thanks for your response.

I’ve tried Yeelight/Xiaomi Singapore, China and USA servers.
I created different Xiaomi accounts for each region.
I created Amazon accounts to match the Xiaomi region.

Neither Google nor Alexa can ever discover the light. ONLY the Yeelight app sees the light.

@yusure, please help take a look why google can’t discover the light.

Hello Ray,

So nice meeting you on forum, could you show me your Xiaomi ID, please ? let me check it for you.

#1: 1711047388
#2: 6248002827 - I’m using this one now. Alexa USA and Xiaomi Server USA.

What error to show when account linking on GoogleHome app ?

I haven’t recently tried Google, last time was maybe 35 days ago and I don’t remember any error; but I tried Alexa last night and there is no error it just never discovers the Yeelight. Account is linked but no light discoverable.

Hi Hobert,

Could you please check it ?

Woohoo, finally discovered by Alexa.


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