ylxd05yl 480 - only works as a dumb light


I have:

  1. ylxd05yl 480
  2. Alexa - Amazon Echo device with Yeelight Skill and MiHome Skill
  3. Many xiaomi products
  4. Android + iOS
  5. Yeelight + MiHome apps server Singapore and China Mainland Server

I bought the Yeelight Ceiling Light for voice control with Alexa.

  1. Alexa can not find the Yeelight, with Yeelight Skill set to Singapore and China.
  2. MiHome can not find Yeelight using bot China and Singapore server.

Can somebody please list the steps to make the Yeelight work with Alexa? Only the Yeelight App can find the ylxd05yl. It says the FW is latest,

I also have some Xiaomi BLE sensors which would be awesome if I could get them to work with the Yeelight, so if somebody can list the steps to add the ylxd05yl to the MiHome that would super awesome.

Thanks :slight_smile: