Yeelight Downlight and Spotlight


I would just like to ask for your help. I recently bought some downlights and spotlights. I had to change the region of my xiaomi app to China for the devices to be detected.

I still couldn’t use the lights as they are still offline.

What should I do? do I have to buy another device to make it work? I’m from the Philippines btw.

These devices are BLE mesh based devices, they should be work with bluetooth mesh gateway. Currently only two of Yeelight voice assistant, Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock support.

Would you recommend a reputable store that I can buy it from?

Also, both devices work in English right?

And would I also be able to adjust the brightness of the lights when I get one gateway?

No, voice assistant of these two devices only support Chinese, but it can work as BLE mesh gateway.

sure, of course.

Not sure if you can buy it form gearbest.

But I can still command the devices thru Google assistant right?

I have installed a lot of this Lights in my Home.

Yes you need a new Gateway, the Xiaomi aI Clock or the Yeelight AI Speaker.

I’m using the Xiaomi AI Clock.
The Xiao AI Assistant only speaks Chinese and show you chinese Time.
But if you change your Time on your Phone minus or plus the time difference to China and add the clock to your mi Home, then it will show the right time.

You can add Yeelight to Google Home and it will find the Light.

Yeelight App itself not find the BLE Lights, but google home will find it…

Also Samsung Smartthings will find the BLE Lights, but this is not working properly

Is in yeelight plans to support mesh devices in yeelight app?

I really like yeelight and xiaomi products, but is a completely mess when we talk about apps and servers…

If i see a lamp from yeelight I think is common sense that lamp will work with yeelight app, but that’s it’s not the case…

@JorgeTeixeira We are working support mesh device in Yeelight device, will release in next update.

Yeelight and Mihome share the same cloud server, so if you add device to one of the apps, it should be there in another app. Actually, we should support mesh devices at the first time when these products release, however there are some technical limit.

But some of my lamps that works home on yeelight eu server, didn’t appear on Mi home eu server… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you are right. There’s some strategy handled by Mihome, you can’t add it to Mihome if you can’t see it at the page of “Add Devices”.

And the bath heat any intention to add at yeelight app? Sorry it’s the last question :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Everyone,

I already got the xiaomi smart alarm clock and I able to set up the Yeelight Downlights and Spotlights.

However, the lights are very slow to respond and keeps on getting error.

Is this like a software problem? Because I do have Yeelight striplights, Ceiling light and Bulbs and they all work just fine.

Hope someone can help on this…

did you updated the lights to the newest firmware ?
My Lights are responding very fast, much faster than Wifi Lights.

That’s also my problem I couldn’t update them. I’m not sure if it’s because of my area. My actual location is here in the Philippines but the region I chose for the Mi App is China (it’s the only Asian region where the spotlight and downlight shows up)

For me the Update did only work when my phone was located next to the Light. Looks like the Light is getting the Firmware Data from the Phones Bluetooth…

If it is not working, try it again and again. it took my about 5-10 Try´s for some Lights

Yes, it’s right.

Hi everyone,

this will work with yeelight downlights and spotlights???