Can't connect Mi LED Desk Lamp to my router

The first time I unboxed it, it connected to my wifi without problems. After a couple of days it looked like it did reset itself, after that I tried to connect it again to my wifi, but connection timed out every time. Tried with lixin account, could not do it. I connected to a mobile hotspot without problems and updated the firmware (lixin account) to 62 but it still won’t connect to my router. Tried to reset the router, same problem. Just can’t get it to work. It shows in my routers DHCP as connected.
My ID: 6234593103
If someone is willing to help me, thanks!

Try changing DNS of your router to and connect again.

Thanks for the reply, my DNS is already on, I even tried the cloudflare, and it didn’t work

Which server do you select? Could you have a try with other servers?

I tried Serbia (that’s my country) and I’ve tried China, without success. That’s what I change before logging in, right?

Could you have a try with Yeelight application, and try with Germany server?

Thanks! It’s working with yeelight application!

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