My new Yeelight Lightstrip Kitchen Project

This is my actual LED Stripe Project for my Kitchen.

I’m using two Yeelight LED Lightstripe Plus Sets and two Extensions. For LED Profiles I have ordered some cheap ones from

I had to cut off the Rubber Protections the beginning and the End of the Stripes. Otherwise the LED Stripes won’t fit.

I cutted off the fixed Cable between the LED Stripe and the Yeelight Controller to get it through the holes and connected TWO Lightstripe Sets on one Controller/Power Unit !

Everything is connected into Mi-Home.

For Downlights I’m using the new Yeelight BLE Mesh Lights. But unfortunately there are actually only On and Off Options for Automation process. It is actually not possible to trigger on and off with the same button. Hopefully there will be a Update by Yeelight very Soon.

In the last time the Yeelight Support has became very poor, they promising some kind of updates, but nothing happens a few months later.

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