Yeelight bulb color stopped work ing after update

Hi, I just bought two led bulbs color and a strip light. After setting them up I’ve started the firmware update for all three but it failed for one of the bulbs. After that the bulb stopped working and even the reset procedure doesn’t work, after turning it on and off it doesn’t get to the color cycle as it should. Is there anything I can try?

Which firmware do you get to update? And wha’t your xiaomi account?

Hi, I was upgrading at firmware 1.4.2_0024 my account is 1577313238

Update: I’ve tried the bulb on another lamp, it was working, I reset it, I’ve updated the firmware (gone ok), I’ve linked it to Alexa and then it went offline even if it was on. And now again I cannot reset it and its only flickering when I try the procedure. All the other bulbs (Yeelight and Lifx) are working normally.