Gateway for YLDP06YL (Yeelight 2 RGBW)


I just bought 7 Yeelight 2 RGBW version and I want to use them as output of some Xiaomi/Mijia/Aqara sensors. I’m planning on using Google Assistant for voice control as well, so I’m gonna need to use Singapore / US server, which might not be fully supported by all those brand’s devices. For the main controller device, I will need a gateway, which one and from which brand is working on mentioned servers above?

Thank you!

I bought 4 e27 bulbs and couldn’t connect them to the MiHome App cause of servers, not sure if a gateway will solve the problem.

Gateway (hub) has nothing to do with connecting Yeelights. Yiu need the gateway only if you want to add wireless zigbee buttons and other devices to control the lights.

It won’t if it’s connection to the server that’s problematic from your side. There are two main functions of gateway:

  • As a hub to connect input (sensors) and output devices (including but not limited to yeelight)
  • To still be able to control output devices wirelessly even if internet is down