How to disable wall switch cycles ?

In the Xiaomi Home application there is a Wall switch cycles function in the settings which doesn’t exist in the Yeelight application. This function defines 3 settings which cycle each time the wall switch is power up. Unfortunately one of this cycle is moon light and cannot be changed. The all function cannot be disable either. The resulting is that it turns your Intelligent device in a stupid device.

Is there a way to disable this function so that each time the wall power switch is turn on the same setting is applied ? (and the last setting before turn off of course)

No, this is made by design, the 3rd one is moon light, it only support changing brightness. When will you have the case switch the lamp on and off for lots of time in a short time? Cause if you switch off the lamp for a while and then switch on it will use the first light.

No it doesn’t, each time you switch it the next cycle apply even after a while