Yeelight App / Mi Home App / Google Home Integration Issues


I have 2 Yeelight Smart Led Bulbs (color) and 3 Yeelight Smart Led Bulbs (tunable white).

I am trying to integrate everything with Mi Home App and Google Home, but, although the color bulbs are fully integrated, the tunable white bulbs do not show in Google Home when I add them through Mi Home App.

The only way to make the tunable white bulbs appear in Google Home is by adding them through the Yeelight App. But, when I do this, they do not appear in the Mi Home App and then, I can not use the Aqara switches to toggle them on/off.

What should I do to fix that?

I am connected in the Mi Home App through the China Mainland server and in the Yeelight App through the USA server. This is the only combination that is working.

If I change the Mi Home App server to anything but China, I can not find my devices to add. And if I change the Yeelight App to China server, I can not find the tunable white bulbs to add.

Could anybody help me?

My MI ID # is 1750336410.


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Mihome and Yeelight share the same server. and Miihome in one server only supports devices that you can see from page of “Add new devices”, this is Logic of Mihome. While Yeelight support all Yeelight devices with all servers.

@dingyichen, thanks for the reply.

Do you know why the tunable white bulbs added to the Mi Home App are not apearing in the Google Home App? What should I do to solve that?

This is logic of Mihome application, we have no control of it :rofl:

If you want use Google home to control the bulb, better choose skill of Yeelight from Home app.

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