Homkit from Apple

Hey Guys, you told us that we will have to wait for Apple HomeKit integration until this day! So I’am asking you right now, where is the update?!
It can’t be so difficult to develop this!

ya we have been waiting tooooo long…

homekit firmware for these 4 devices was already pushed, you should be able to update in a few days.

Yeelight LED Bulb Color (yeelink.light.color2) - 2.0.6_0051
Yeelight LED Bulb Tunable (yeelink.light.ct2) - 2.0.6_0035
Yeelight Lightstrip Plus (yeelink.light.strip2) - 2.0.6_0063
Mi LED Smart Bulb White and Color (yeelink.light.color3) - 2.0.6_0029

How can you see the updates? Is it a beta program, and can we also have it? :grimacing:

Yes! Updates already, but need 8 digit codes, where can i find it?

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Just delete it from Mi Home app and re-add.
At the end of the integration, it should ask you if you want to add to Apple Home app…
Now got all my bulbs on Apple Home app

No need to delete, just long press the devices in mihome.

Whats your server registered ? … For me, both Yeelight app and Mi Home app are registered via Singapore server but nothing new firmware for update (T.T)

Do not sure when official date for Homekit firmware ??? Who can suggest me ? (Thank aheads for suggestion and support)

Using China server for everything. Update appeared yesterday.

Will release to other servers very soon.

It is the same with me

yes just long press the devices in mihome.

What’s with the German server and will it be possible to only use the Yeelight App?

Yeelight application will also support adding feature of Homekit support.

Can’t get update on my Mi LED bulb Color even changed to main China server, how can I get the update?

Will release firmware of Mi LED bulb this weekend.

I can’t install the Version 2.0.6_0051 on my Color Bulbs V2. I’m using the german server

where iss update? tell me please!

Hi guys, a question. Does homekit supports the Yeelight color LED version one? I did the firmware update. But when I hold down on the bulb, it shows Homekit as grey… best

No, only Gen2 can support Homekit after software upgrade.