Google Home error with Xiaomi mesh bulbs


I have a few Xiaomi mesh bulbs controlled via a smart clock. I have added them to my Google home and although the lights turn on and off fine, I get a “I’m afraid there was an error and I’m unable to control your home device”.

Any ideas why this is happening when it seems to be working ok?


@yusure please help take a look.

Hi James,

Please tell me your Xiaomi ID, I’ll check for you.


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Thanks @yusure @dingyichen - it’s 1822446990

So the lights works well, but GoogleHome’s voice response too annoying ?

hello, i got the same error with the BLE Spots !
I´m using the BLE Smart Alarm Clock also.

i have added Yeelight into Google Home, when i say “ok google, turn the Lights on/off” it works, but google is telling me the same error “i´m unable to control your device…”

it looks like that xiaomi is not doing anything about Service and Updated with the BLE Devices. i´m still waiting for the Automation Skills Update, since more then three Months. nothing happens…

MY Account ID: 1255586313

Yes, pretty much - I’d like to understand why there’s an error message and ideally stop it :slight_smile:

@Fiftyone @jbrowne
Hi you guys, we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can, thank you for your feedback!

Hi, It has been fixed, have a try again.

Hi, thank you. now it´s working.
But i found another Bug!

-Turn ON and OFF works great
-Dimm the Light to # % is not really working

First try: Google, turn the light on - Worked
then: Google, Dimm the Light to 10% - Worked
Then: Google, Set the Light to 100% - Not working (Google is daying yes, i set the Light to 100%, but brightness not changed)
-Then i tried to dimm the Light in the Google Home App - Not working
-Then i tried to dimm the Light in the Xiaomi-Home App via the Shortcut - NOT WORKING
-When i open the Light Menu inside Xiaomi-Home App, dimming is working, but not with the Shortcuts !

AND PLEASE ADD MORE FUNCTIONS INTO THE BLE LIGHTS !!! The BLE Lights seems to work more reliable for me inside my Smart Home System, but without a Dimm Function for Automation (Turn the Light On and set the Light to # %) it is CRAP !

It’s working! Like the little sound after changing as well. Thanks @yusure :slight_smile:

hello, the error is back !!!
Lights turning On and Off, Google is saying “ok, i´m turning two lamps off…there was an error and i´m unable to control your Google Home Device…”

And Dimming is still not working in Google Home and Smart Things ! Only On Off.

It Looks like you Guys have released a very buggy Product, without testing it. Just bring it as early as possible on the market, Users are your Beta Tester