Yeelight Timezones

Which timezones the lamps will use? Because my lamps are not using or my country timezone or even the server country timezone…

I have night mode starting at 22h, here in Portugal its 22h55 right now, in Germany (server) it’s 23h55 but the lamp doesn’t go on in night mode, i have to change the night mode start to 21H to get night mode.

Can you help?

Lamp uses timezone of your country, the lamp will go to night mode if you open it from application or remote after you setup night mode, it will not go to night mode by itself.

I know…

But read my explanation… Yesterday at 22h55 the nigh mode doesn’t activate, even ia set to be enabled since 22h until 6h. And if i change the start time to 21h the lamp start with night mode activated.

Something related with time is working wrong.

Thanks for your feedback, I will take a look at the issue.

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