MiHome and Yeelighs on EU server?

Hello team. Is there any possibility to connect yeelighs below to MiHome EU server? Can I help you somehow?

  • 2x Yeelight YLXD05YL 480
  • 1x Yeelight YLXD01YL 320
  • 2x Yeelight YLDP06YL E27

I’d like to do it because I must use my Roborock on EU server because I am from Czech Republic.

All of the above products support connecting to European servers in Mi home app.

Hello. Would you please tell me how? By automatic seach it will find lights on CN server only, when I choose EU server and lamps are in connecting mode, MiHome APP don’t see them and it is also not in supported devices. Phone screenshots attached.

PS: CN=Mainland China, EU=Czech republic, more devices on screenshot is CN server, less is EU server

Sorry for the mistake.
These products only support connecting to Germany servers in Yeelight app.

So any way to connect lights to some EU server in MiHome app? Any workaround?

Hello, i’ve been reading about yeelight bulbs here. I have a question that may suits in this post. I’ve bought 2 YLDP06YL and a switch dimmer, that are being shipped now. As I’ve been reading, I can throw the dimmer away because it does not work with the bulbs. So my question is, is there any way to have a physical swtich for the bulbs (I don’t want to use the app or Google every time)? For example, if I buy the xiaomi gateway and the wireless switch, will them work with the bulbs?

Thank you in advance.

Dimmer doesn’t work with bulbs. You can use Aqara wireless switches for bulbs. Ofcourse, you then need the gateway.

So, if I purchase these devices,

banggood.co m/Original-Xiaomi-Upgrade-Smart-Home-WiFi-Remote-Control-Multi-functional-Gateway-p-1047282.html?cur_warehouse=CN

banggood.co m/Original-Xiaomi-Smart-Wireless-Switch-p-1045081.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

banggood.co m/Original-Xiaomi-Mijia-Smart-Home-Zig-bee-Wireless-Smart-Switch-Touch-Button-ON-OFF-WiFi-Remote-Control-Switch-p-1049175.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

will it work properly? Will it be full compatible? What’s the difference between the two swtiches? The app in wich I have to configure them?

Sorry for all the questions, I dont want to throw away money again… :sweat_smile:

The switches are virtualy the same IMHO. I have like 3 of those, but I’d recomend Aqara… they have better feeling when pressed. With round switches I get hit and miss functionality, sometimes it is not triggered, then double click is interpreted as single, ane normal press is interpreted as long, etc. Even though round switches support double click and long click, this doesn’t work very well.

You can get gateway cheaper on Ali:

Aqara switch:

Hi All, and now get back to my question :smiley:

So any way to connect lights to some EU server in MiHome app? Any workaround?

Hi sir,
Currently, there is no way to connect your light to Czech republic server in Mi home app.
You can try to use Yeelight app or change your server to the China server.