Mesh Lights compatibility (Aqara, Dimmer, Homekit)


I want an all smart light apartment, but an all wi-fi light system would be a massive burden to any router, so I was thinking of mixing and matching. I intend to have a smart home controlled by Homekit and Hubitat, as for the light system I wanted to use the Yeelight BLE Mesh system with other Xiaomi/Aqara products, but I have some questions that I couldn’t find an answer:

  1. I know that the Yeelight BLE Mesh System requires an Xiaomi Gateway (like the alarm clock), but is one gateway enough? If I have the alarm clock in the kitchen the signal will be boosted by the bulbs and spot lights throughout the apartment?

  2. Would I ever be able to control the Yeelight BLE Mesh System with Homekit? I know there is no Homekit support yet, but are there concrete plans to implement it?

  3. The Yeelight wireless dimmer will eventually be compatible with the Mesh System?

  4. I was thinking of using Aqara smart wall switches (not the wireless ones), but can I make them send commands to the Mesh Lights (thru Xiaomi Smart app or Hubitat)? What about the Yeelight wifi bulbs/LED strips?

  5. The Aqara Switches have 3 commands (one click, two clicks and hold), can I customize them? Like one click sends a command to turn off the lights and two clicks would cut the power supply to the lights. Because, If i cut the power supply to the lights, they are going to reset their current state (brightness and warmth) to a default one, right?

Two more questions:

  1. Since the Mesh System and the Gateway Alarm Clock are currently only available in China, will I be able to update the firmware to the english version, when it comes out?

  2. The Mesh lights update their firmware thru bluetooth, via the Gateway?

Hi, I’m new here, but I’ve been following the developments with Yeelight, Aqara, Mijia etc for a while, so I do know a few things that they’re working on;

  1. As these bulbs are meant to create a mesh, one gateway should be enough unless it’s really far from the nearest bulb.
  2. Yeelight are bringing out a Bluetooth Mesh Gateway that will be HomeKit compatible.
  3. At present the dimmer is only compatible with some of their ceiling lights, but they’re bringing out a 5m tunable white light strip that will also work with the dimmer, so more compatible devices will begin to work with this dimmer eventually, I believe.
  4. As long as the mesh bulbs, Yeelight strips and bulbs and the Aqara switches are going through the mi home app (now called Xiaomi Home), you should be able to control them.
  5. If you’re using the Aqara rocker switches with HomeKit, they can be customised to do more stuff, but you’re a bit more limited with how they work in the Mi Home app, although there are workarounds. The double rocker aqara switches also have another function in the Mi Home app, which is when you press both switches down together.
  6. There is an international version by ZMI coming out, but I’m not sure it has a bluetooth mesh gateway. I don’t think they’ll have firmware for the current model that will allow it to be used outside of China, but I could be wrong.
  7. I don’t know the answer to this one!


I think it’s all right, there’s a mesh network that each mesh device could connect with each other to communicate.

We are working on a new ble mesh gateway which supports Homekit.

No, there are different protocols.

If mesh device connects to cloud with gateway, you can take it as a “wifi” device, anything you can do with a wifi device, you can also do it with a mesh device.

I think so.

No, I don’t think there will be an english version. Stay tuned with Yeelight mesh gateway, coming soon.



There will be new versions of the bulbs as well? Like, 110v versions of the current mesh lineup.

Could I purchase the mesh bulbs now and use then as regular “dumb” bulb until the Gateway is released, or is it best to wait?

Better have a wait.

No, I don’t think there will be an english version. Stay tuned with Yeelight mesh gateway, coming soon.

Hi, first of all, I want to buy the Xiaomi Spotlight mesh light (400 lumens), so, what you’re saying is right now I can buy the Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh gateway smart AI speaker and BLE gateway, and after, when it comes out an English version, update it to control it through voice?

Other question: if I buy the Xiaomi spotlight mesh and Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh gateway, can I use my Xiaomi sensors (body and door/window), to control them?


I don’t think there will english version, Yeelight mesh gateway don’t support voice control.

Yes, I think so.

Any idea when the new gateway will be available?

Will it work with the current mesh lights?

it will work with all current mesh lights - bulb1, bulb2, downlight and spotlight.