Yeelight BLE Mesh spot light

Hello I am from France .
I bought yeelight downlight mesh spot and the BLE gateway alarm clock but I can’t see my light in yeelight app whatever server I use ( german ou chinese one) but I can see my product in Xiaomi my home Is that normal ?

What is stranger is that the spots appear umin Google Home as products associated to yeelight not to MiHome.

Thanks for your products and thanks for the help.



It is normal that you can find the light in Mi home app but not in Yeelight.
If you want connect your mesh bulb to your app, you should connect your alarm clock to your app, and then ask your clock to “find the device”, the clock will help you connect your bulb.

I Thank you for the answer . But I can’t find our how to connect my clock to the yeelight application. I did it in MiHome but I can find the clock device in yeelight app. I would be nice of you to explain me how to do it.

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Yeelight app doesn’t support smart alarm clock, so you only can connect it to your Mi home app, and control your mesh bulb with the clock.

Hi thank for anwsering
I had understand something else in the previous comment.
Is the spotlight visible ( not the clock) in yeelight app ?

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The spotlight(mesh) can not be found in Yeelight app.
Thanks for your support and trust~

We are working on supporting mesh devices in Yeelight application.

Thank for your hard work I am sure you will succeed soon and give us the same satisfaction with mesh as for your other products​:hugs::hugs::crossed_fingers::+1:

How can i control my Devices with the clock when i don´t speak chinese ? Are there any other languages supported ?

I am happy to say Yeekight Mesh now show up in the Yeelight App (Android). The Mesh lights always showed up in google Assistant with the voice commands: Okay google, sync devices. The lights also seem to have a improved response time either turning off or on by other sensors or voice command in Google Asisstant. There are some issues with turnable color changes from white to warm along with dimming wthin Google Assistant. I am happy to say that the lights are brilliant in light source and very bright. My setup used the Xiaomi Small clock adjacent to the kitchen and dinning rooms in a Home theatre room. I do not use the AI voice component of the AI clock as I do not speak Chinese. I installed thew Yeelight mesh bulbs ( turnable light globes E27 * 4 (Kitchen) & Candle * 4 (dining) within Xiaomi Home formerly called Mi Home android app.

Hi there, thanks for your help although this specific lamp Yeelight Mesh YLDP10YL does connect to the Yeelight app but then, after it has been recognised, it keeps appearing as if its OFFLINE. Any help please?

The Yeelights Mesh need a pattern of connectivity in very close proximity to the Gateway. In this case, the Gateway BT Mesh is the mini clock by Xiaomi. However, Xiaomi has just released the gateway with both mesh and standard BT in a small inexpensive device. What I have done is use a mesh bulb close to the Clock Radio Gateway and let it mesh from there carrying the signal to further away in the dining room bedroom hallway etc. I have about 13 mesh lights dotted throughout the house. I await delivery the standalone new BT mesh gateway to strengthen the mesh even further. Here is a link to that new gateway device:

Having another gateway or having the mesh bulb closer proximity tot he BT mesh gateway should stop offline dropouts in the Yeelight App. I have observed the Yeelight app being slow to instigate the mesh bulbs as in online status. I use Xiaomi Home app without issue.