Mi bedside lamp 2 and Yeelight Remote Control


I just bought a Mi bedside lamp 2.
The lamp is well connected with phone over wifi network.
But I cannot pair the lamp and the Yeelight Remote Control I bought with.
It is said that the Yeelight Remote Control can control the Mi bedside lamp 2, I tried to pair the remote pressing OFF and M buttons as mentionned, the remote led flashes for a while but never connects to the lamp.
Thanks for your help.

Remote paring only works with in one minute with power on. Please cut power down then power on and try again.


I tried every combination possible within the 60 sec after power on…

Hey, I just wondering how did it ended… I stuck in same promblem. were u able to connect the remote cotrol with the lamp?

Same problem here, I tried to pair it with “Yeelight strip plus, Also with mi bulb, but didnt work. (Power off And M) before, while turning on, when on, it didnt work, please help

Please allow this remote to be set up in the hub as well so it can be easily configured

Here is what worked for me (Bedside lamp version 1 pairing with remote):

1)Unplug power cord from the lamp and wait at least 30 seconds. This is the key part.
2)Plug the power cord back on.
3)Press and hold OFF+M button on the remote (remote starts blinking, goes into pairing mode).
4)Press the power switch on the lamp while holding the OFF+M button.
5)Release the OFF+M button at abut ~5 second mark.

Lamp turns on and starts the blinking / cycling process and Remote gets paired

The first step is the main part. Prior to doing that, I couldn’t get the remote to pair.