Bedsidelamp offline

Hi there,
I have 3 Bedsidelamps and they goes already offline. Firmware is 1.5.9_0170. All 3 Lamps have this Problem. One Day on the other they were offline. I must unplug the Powercord and then the Lamps are online for unknowing Time. Can you Help me with this Problem?
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Wow 5 Days No Help. That is what i call Support! Respect!!

Hello, sorry for delay reply. Latest firmware version is 1.6.6_0172, is there any update with this device? Which server do you use?

Oh hi there. I am on the Germany Server and there is no new Update. The Server says that 1.5.9_0170 is the latest Update for these Lamps. I have the MJCTD01YL.
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We will take a look at the issue.

Please provider your xiaomi account.

Today i have Updated all the Lamps. So we see