Connection timed out on 100% instalation

Hi All,

I have a problem installing my Yeelight LED Bulb (Color) 2. It seems to be a common problem in this forum. I have tried everything to connect the lamp to my router but still have not found a solution that could solve the issue.

A bit of information, the lamp could connect to my mobile hotspot no problem, i have updated the firmware on it.

The problem appeared when I tried to connect it to my home router. It seems that my ISP blocked the server. The light itself showed up on my router DHCP. I tried changing the DNS on my router but my ISP wouldn’t let me, they use what they call transparent DNS proxy to hijack the traffic and return it to their DNS.

Is there anyway to bypass the problem? I won’t change my ISP because it would cost me a lot more money per month than the actual light bulb itself.