YLSD01YL Defect?

Hello, I have three led ceiling YLSD01YL.
yeelight APP cannot be added as they are not in the device list.
I tried to add them from Xiaomi’s MiHome app but I can’t perform any automation. After a while I deleted the device, I disconnected it from the power and when I try to add it back to MiHome now it does not detect it.
I don’t understand anything.
I need help.

This is a mesh bluetooth device, it should work with ble mesh gateway.

The Gateway detects the leds but I can not change the brightness or the color temperature, or even turn it on or turn it on from the Xiaomi app.

Which gateway do you have?

GATEWAY AQARA Version 4.27.1.ifttt,
firmware version 1.6.2_003

The bulb should be work with bluetooth mesh gateway, currently only two of Yeelight voice assistant, Xiaomi Xiaoai smart alarm clock support. Aqara gataway doesn’t support the bulb, it’s not a mesh gateway.

Thank you

But in my APP My Home I have been able to add a downlight but I can not perform any action. Because?.IMG_7D4C333FC603-1

You can add a new mesh device by bluetooth with mihome, but there’s no control logical with bluetooth directly, it need a mesh gateway.