I don’t have Wifi at home can I still use Yeelight ?

Hi , I just bought yeelight , and I am not able to connect it to my phone , I don’t have WiFi at home , but my phone have unlimited 4g .
So my question is -
1 - can I still use yeelight ?
2- if I borrow my friends phone to creat hotspot and connect my phone to his hotspot and then try to add the bulb to my phone , will the bulb work once my friend is gone ?
3- do I always need a hotspot on at my home to use the bulb ?
Thank please help .

Hi ,
If you don’t have WiFi, the yeelight lights will not connect to your phone.
You can use your friend’s phone to share a hotpot to connect your light, but it will stop work if your friend turn off his hotpot.
So you always need a WiFi or a hotpot.

Ok thanks .

Hi once again please help me once again I have some last questions ,

  • 1 - if I creat a hot spot and connect the Yeelight to it and all works now I set a timer to switch on let say 6 am , setting is done after that do I still have to have the hotspot on or it can be turned off ?
    2 - and if hotspot is turned off and then I turn it on next day to control yeelight will I have ro reset and
    Add the bulb to yeelight app or it will work without adding ?

For your questions:

  1. if you turn off the hotpot, the light will stop work, all the features are invalid, you only can control it by physical switch.
  2. Normally, after the network is turned off and restarted, the light will automatically connect to the network again, you needn’t reset the light and reconnect it. But We are not sure if the hotspot can be used normally.


Hi sir ,
I just got mi WiFI repeater pro i m not able to connect it to mi home app I saw on YouTube they all say to select the region to mainland China and I can not find that in the app please help if you can thanks

For this issue, you should contact the support team of Mi.
We are yeelight, only responsible for our products.
Thanks for your support and trust.