Yeelight E27 RGB v1 Connection Timed Out

Hi there,

Today I received my first bulb, which I wanted to test immediately. Unfortunately, this didn’t went that well, due to the Connection Timed Out error. TIme after time, whatever I did.

I’m from Holland, connected to the German server. I’m with the Dutch ISP KPN, which gave me a ZTE H368N to work with. Behind that, there is an Ubiquiti USG with 2 AP’s from Ubiquiti.

Things I’ve done so far:

  • Disable 5GHz on the AP’s
  • Made sure every device has DNS set to Unfortunately, KPN has disabled this feature on the H368N. So I cannot change the DNS settings on that device.
  • Ping to, which worked from my laptop.
  • Look if the bulb appeared in the DHCP list, it did.

Are there any steps that has to be taken, to ensure this is working?



Hi, I am facing the same problem, have you found the solution yet?

Please refer to the topic:

This is domain of mainland china server, Germany server is “”, maybe you can have a try with other servers.