Warm LEDs don't work in sun mode YLXD01YL

I use Yeelight LED Ceiling YLXD01YL.
After 1.5 years warm LEDs stopped working in sun mode, but still work in moon mode. In sun mode only cold LEDs work. After adjusting color temperature in sun mode to warm light cold LEDs switch off and no light emittes. Any reset doesn’t work.
Seems there is an issue with LED driver AZT6JA, because when I changed wiring between cold and warm LEDs warm LEDs work well, but cold ones stop working.
So, is there any possibility to get replacement for AZT6JA, because I can’t find any? Or get complete P586 LED Driver PCB? Or any suggestion on compatible IC AZT6JA?
Here locally I found:

  1. LM3404MA/NOPB by Texas Instruments
  2. NCP3066DR2G by ON Semiconductor.
    Will it be suitable?

Of course, the best solution could be replacing complete P586 LED Driver PCB if could sent it to me for reasonable price.

Thanks in advance.

Got the same issue with my lamp since 1-2 weeks : 2700k only available with preset
Warm (yellow) led works in moon mode but no more in sun mode.

I really disappointed to learn that can be a hardware issue…

Seems to be the root reason. The lamp was in warm 2700k mode and suddenly light switched off. After discoupling and some tests I realized the issue described above.

Seems a hardware issue, please try contact your retailer for help.

My retailer doesn’t exist anymore. Help me please with my problem. Replacement of PCB or just information I requested above will be really appreciated.

We here in Russia love your products and I own some of them. But with 0 (zero) information on how to diagnose and repair it you are undermining our trust. There is absolutely no way to repair it locally in authorized centers, because none of them are exist. I hope you will change your mind and give some information on how to repair.

@Alexeo, Hello
Do you have any updates? Did you found any replacement part?

I have issue with LED driver too. My component is called “AZTAPB”. I disassembled another ceiling light, and found “AZTASD” IC.