Yeelight bedside lamp with mi band 3 auto turn off

Hi, I use yeelight bedside lamp (SILVER version no wifi) with mi band 2 before can use auto turn off without problem but when i use with mi band 3 auto turn off function is not working.

I can pair mi band 3 with yeelight app and can turn auto turn off ON but on mi home app i cannot pair mi band 3 at all it show “No Mi Band Found”

With yeelight app i can pair with mi band 3 and turn auto turn off ON but when i sleep bedside lamp not turn off in Mi fit report my sleep normally

I try to reset bedside lamp several times but not working.

This is my config
Mi band 3 discovery is ON Lasted firmware on both device and select mainland china server use on Android 9

I hope your team can solve this problem for me,
Thanks you.

Anyone can help me?