2700k only available with preset


I am currently facing an issue with my Yeelight Ceiling Light. I really appreciate this product since it bought it less than 2 year ago.
Unfortunately, since a few days, I am not able to get “yellow light” (2700k)" whether with the remote control or via the yeelight application.
I can get a 2700k light with the night mode(moon) options and sometime with some presets (sunrise, sunset), however not in sun mode…

I really hope this is only a software issue and can be resolved with a reset or update, i have bought 3 others one and the wonderful Mi Led Ceiling Light.

Thank you for your help.

The lamp will turn to 2700K if you select left-bottom in sun mode.

Unfortunately not, there is not light if I move to the bottom-left. And only get “white” light once I move to the right.
but the “yellow” light work in moon mode…

Any help ?

Seems a hardware issue, please contact your retailer for help.