Trouble connecting to Yeelight / Mi LED Smart Bulb (White and Color)

Hi there,

I’m having trouble connecting my new bulb to Xiaomi Home app. The app cant seem to detect the bulb, even though I have reset a number of times. I also followed the troubleshooting advised below:

I’m upto step 3, where my lightbulb does not appear in my router’s DHCP list.

  • Here are my router settings for 2.4hz channel. No special characters in the password. And it’s not hitting the limit of devices

  • My XiaoMi Home app is connected to China server (and works well with Mi Hub and other Aqara devices)

Could you have a try with Yeelight application?

Thanks for your reply. I think I have found the issue. FYI - I live in New Zealand. Can you advise how I can keep my region setting as China so that the bulb works with my other devices? (as all my other MiJia products work on China server but not other regions)

I downloaded the Yeelight App:

  • Singapore server - it works!
  • China server - cant find the light bulb

I did the same in Mi Home App:

  • China region (my previous setting when I had issues) - cant find the light bulb
  • Change to Singapore location - it works!

Heyyy, having same problem here! Did you find the solution?

No fix. I returned it. Bought a China mi lightbulb from AliExpress