2 wired yeelight smart dimmer switch connections

Hi there!

I need to switch on and regulate my ceilling light from two points. I know that it’s possible with a wired and bluetooth devices but… Could be possible to do something like this with two wired smart dimmers (YLKG07YL)?:

LINE ----┬---- Yeelight smart wall switch 1 ------┬---- Ceilling light ------
… … … └---- Yeelight smart wall switch 2 ------┘

I can’t upload images and I don’t know whiy…

Nobody can help me?

So, I think that the Yeelight smart wall switch is just a Bluetooth remote with 110V/230V power input. This means that the switch is not using the wires to control the lamp, it is still using Bluetooth, just like the little white remote you got for the ceiling light.
The only thing which the smart switch does with the lamp via wires is that it can remove power from it in case the lamp ceases to work, so it “resets”. This can be done by using the small slider button on the side of the Smart switch.

If you use two switches, you will have to use the two slider buttons at the same time in order to reset the lamp, so the lamp will not get electricity from the direction of either switch.

This means that you can wire it however you want, as the wires will not do much anyway. The 110V/230V is only there so you don’t have to put a battery in the Smart Switch.

Hi man can you please help me to reset the lamp with bluetooth dimmer? I don’t know how can I reset it and make it blink. Thank you