Cannot add Yeelight Led Bulb 2 to Alexa

I had 2 Yeelight Bulb: 1 1st version-600lm and 1 2nd version (800lm); server Singapore. Everything worked well with Alexa & Google Assistant
I’ve recently bought a 2nd bulb 800lm, server China. When i change server to Mainland China, the application have asked me to update Firmware => I’ve followed it.
Now i can only use Mihome/Yeelight or Google Assistant to control all 3 lamps. My alexa can only control the 600lm bulb.

Now i would like to go back to Singapore server or join on your beta testing ( i’ve read on some post) to control all my 3 lamps with Alexa.

Thank you

Hi, anyone can help me? pls