Yeelight TV Orchestra

Hei! I recently saw that Yeelight published a app called Yeelight TV Orchestra available in Russia (Google Play link:

  1. Will this app be also available somewhere else?
  2. Does the app only work on Xiaomi Mi andorid TV or would it work on any Android TV?
  3. If only with Xiaomi Mi TV’s, then what would be the possible timeframe to get it on any Android TV (if possible at all)?

Thanks in the advance.

Yes, we launched Yeelight TV Orchestra these days for Mi TV in Russia. I am afraid not that it would work on any Android TV, Yeelight cooperated with xiaomi TV to develop some new interfaces for this app, and this is not available in ASOP.

We are open to work with other TV brand to make it possible.


Hi, i have mi tv 4a Indian (region Russia), but l can’t launched Yeelight TV Orkestra (1.0.06) . I have synthetic error. Can you help me?

Hello, the application can only work with Mi TV Russian.

Wow, this is incredible, it adds even more value for yeelight product clients.
I hope to see an app like this for LG’s WebOS soon!