Bulb changing color itself

I have 2 bulb that I bought directly in France (MI LED SMART BULB).
The bulb is changing the color itself after few mintues.
I tried to reset it, change server : But same problem.

Also, I have another bulb that I bought from Gearbest (a mix of yeelight color led bulb v1 and v2) and it works perfectly.

Do you have any suggestion ?

Thanks for your help

What’s the firmware version of the mi led bulb?

Hello! I have the same problem. After a few minutes when switched on, the lamp changes color to blue or green, and then turns off altogether. Software Version: 1.4.2_0024
Server: China

Hi, @knuckles95 @Medvedev, there seems to be some hardware defect with your bulbs. Please contact the retailers for support.