Default light doesn't work

I have a Yeelight Ceiling Light. I set a default light without any problem. I can turn it off/on from the app the color is respected. When I turn off the light using the switch the default color is lost. It turns on always in amber color, if I turn it on/off again quickly it changes to white.
I want to switch off/on and always get white light by default.

I don’t quite understand what you said.
Do you mean Feature of “Default State” in Yeelight application?

Yes, in the app:
- Default state
- Set default light.

I set a default white light, the configuration is saved without any problem. When I turn it off/on using the app the color is always respected according the default light configuration (white color) but when I turn it off/on using the switch on the wall the default light is always amber. I have to turn it off/on twice and quickly in order to change to white color.

My wish is that always turns it on with white color by default.


Default state only works with case of “Switch off and switch on the wall”, I think you have saved an amber color to it, so the lamp lights with amber color when you switch on.

If you turn the lamp on with app or remote, it will light on with state that you turn off last time. Unless if you set night light time for the lamp, it will light on with night light if time is right.

Please have a check.



I have reset my Ceiling light. I’ve just configured the “Default State” setting the “default light” to white color but when I turn it off using the wall switch it doesn’t work. When I turn it on the light is amber, If a turn it on/off again quickly it became white.
Please, what can I do?

Which device do you have?

Acoording to the app: Mi LED Ceiling Light

Acoording to the app: Mi LED Ceiling Light

I see, if you use Mihome application, you will see it has a feature of set three different color when switch on 1~3 times, while Yeelight application doesn’t has the feature.

I am sorry but there is not option to add Ceiling light in MiHome app

The first picture is from MiHome App and the second is from Yeelight app

I have new feedback: I have discovered that there is three default colors.
Turn it off/on - Amber color
Turn it off/on twice - White Color
Turn it off/on three time - Moon color

Yes,you can change default color from mihome.

As I said before, I can’t use MiHome App beacuse there isn’t the device that I have (MI Led Ceiling Light), there is only lamps and bulbs. You can see pictures attached in my previous post.

I discovered the three defaults colors turning off/on the switch wall casually

Mihome doesn’t support all devices in all servers, which server do you select now?

You can have a try with Mainland china server from mihome, which you can see mi led ceiling light.

Hello Dingyinchen.

Thank you for your help. What I have discovered is that the three sequences when I turn off/on is the way this MiLed Ceiling Light works. With MiHome app configured to China I’ve been able to change the default configurations for the three scenes.
I can’t change the third scene (Night Light) because this is the way the light works, always providing three sequences.
I really appreciate all your help, time and patience given to my case. Now I can enjoy mi Ceiling light without any doubts about the functionality.

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Hi dingyichen. Is there an option to disable these 3 sequences and have the same light setting every time I turn on with the wall switch?

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Regarding what @PeterS mentioned: it should be possible to add/remove/deactivate this light sequence. Why is Night Light hardcoded? I want the same light setting every time I turn on the wall switch, just like how a traditional lamp works.

Well in this situation, I just pretend it’s turned off when it’s night light mode. Maybe an automation in homekit can turn it off

@zsqduke I just understood how the light sequence works. It will only change between settings if your turn on/off quickly. Thus, it works for me. I can use it as a normal lamp switch as it will always set the first light setting within the sequence.

Many thanks!