Yeelight Meteolight cannot connect wifi

Recently my Meteolight has problems connect to my wifi. I deleted the Connection and re-connect as new. I hv gone thru the reset to factory settings many times. But I just cannot Add the Pendant light back. After enter the Wifi Password, it always mention “scan failed”

Could you post screenshots of the issue you encountered?

1、Reset the lamp, you will set an AP named like “yeelink-light***” from your wifi setting of your phone.
2、Please check permissions your have granted to Yeelight application.

I have done many resets. 5 times of ON & OFF. The pendant light has changed to white light and yellow light, followed by the top color light change red, green, blue colors and stop at bottom yellow light with blue top light

But it seems the pendant light cannot transmit the wifi signal. I check on my wifi many times. No Yeelight wifi …

Do you have any other ways to reset the light besides Turn ON & OFF 5 times ?

I am not sure if your lamp is in factory mode, you can have a try with the app to quit factory:

I m iPhone X Max user. Will the apps works ?

No, this is an Android application.

BTW, have you enabled bluetooth from your phone?

Yes, my Bluetooth is always ON.

Please use an Android phone to have a try if this works.