How to remove Yeelight Bulb from Mi account


I had tried a Yeelight E27 bulb and linked it to my Mi Home account.

Now thhe bulb does not appear anymore in the Mi home app as I did not keep it.

But when linking my Mi account to google home, this bulb still appears.

I havent found anywhere in the Mi Home account, on the desktop site or the app or anywhere, a way to remove the bulb from the account,

Your help on this matter would be most welcome as it is impossible to remove the device from google home other than unlinking the bulb from the Mi account.

Seems you have connected the bulb to other server, you need switch back to the server you ever selected and you can remove it.

Hi Dingyichen.

I reinstalled the Yeelight app and with its limited list of server could indeed find the bulb in Germany.
In terms of User interface there really should be a way to list all devices regardless of where they are registered. There are too many countries listed in the Mi Home App, but Yeelight app only lists the servers themselves which is good.

Thank you !

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