Ceiling lamp stop working

My ceiling lamp was working well 1.5 year. But now its not turning on, only cracking sound. Its not burnt and no burn smell. What can possibly be broken?

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Any chance to reset?

Sound from lamp

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Another link to sound from lamp. Tried to reset, but nothing happened. I think its not software issue.


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@Dardred, Hello,

Do you have any updates? Seems my lamp has the same symptoms.

I removed one burned LED driver and lamp started. But only cold LEDs are working, as expected. Because the second LED driver is not work.

I’m seeking for replacement part for “AZTAPB” in SO-8 package…

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Hello. No updates and problem not solved.

My lamp has the same symptoms, but on my lamp replacement part is “AZTBVA”, Can anyone have a datasheet for this part? The lamp worked for 2 months after the purchase, an unpleasant impression was left on the xiaomi products, although before I really liked them. I bought it in a Russian online store, there they answered me that all the questions were for Yeelight, but here it seems that they will not help either