What server to use in order to see both my vacuum cleaner AND my yeelights?


I have two Xiaomi Mi Vacuum cleaners and 4 Yeelight lamps (480 and 650). When setting my region to Germany in the Mi home app, I can connect to my vacuum cleaners, but I cannot see the lamps. When I change the region to China, I can see the lamps but not the vacuum cleaners…

How can I see ALL my devices ?


You can’t. Vacum cleaners are obviously for Europe market, Yeelights for chinese. If they’re Roborock S5x you can flash them to china region. If not, you must use 2 apps.

Well, that’s a straight answer, thanks. How is it obvious that the Vacuum cleaners are for the European market? Also, I would be interested in the technical reason behind this…

Anyway, at least I know it’s a feature, not a bug …

Well if you can’t see vacum on china and can’t see bulbs on europe… one obvious conclusion… There are no technical reasons behind this, just decision by Xiaomi… remember the regions on DVDs? Similar thing… they don’t care that a lot of people buy from china…

I have the same situation. So mi home for vaccum and scooter and yeelight app for lights.

If you have Roborock s5x, just flash it onto Chna region.

Can you please point me some “how to”? Having all devices on the same app its a must have, but i need to change my roborock… Everything its the same after change it to Chinese version?

Instructions on how to flash here:

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