Yeelight LED Buld colours are not so intense after update to1.4.2_0024

Just bought 2 bulbs, updated them, and found out, that now red, yellow, blue are not so intense as it were before the update. Please help me to figure it out.

After 1.4.2 0075 i got same result, Not sure what version had before.
Default presets looks horible now, Like white bulb with tinted glass.
It will be fixed or not?

Same problem here. Red becomes a pinkish colour, and the warm white is more of a weaker tan colour. Another user reported that turning the lights on and off didn’t use to have a fade in and fade out effect like last update. Instead it’s more harsh as if you’re turning the light directly off. So, what’s the deal?

@dingyichen does your team have any update on the situation? As some people may have a room full of these smart bulbs but they are not producing the correct colours, making them unusable. Hope to hear from you soon.

Same issue. Red is not a dark red. The lowest brightness setting is a light bright pink. It’s very bright.

Same problem here, there should be a downgrade option. There is any support members here?

Any updates?

Same issue, Sunset & Sunrise don’t have the good colors after the firmware.

Same here

me too, keep those threads alive, yeelight staff need to se it

UP please

UP pls

Come on, fix this bug it’s unusable

Same here. Stuck on 1.4.2_0024 for nearly two months. Can’t update or downgrade. Everything was fine with previous firmware and now I have three bulbs that cannot show correctly any color but white. Isn’t there a way to downgrade?

My ID: 213398128
Server: China

Same issue, any news?

Check your firmware and update! Colours are back to normal now, I believe.

Stuck on 1.4.2_0024 , european server. No fading, washed colors and blue flicker. Any way to downgrade/update?

The version that I have updated to is 1.4.2_0076. I’m in Asia. I experienced those problems with the colours too, but this latest update corrects them.

Hello, the issue will be fixed in next firmware release and also with Homekit support, and it will be release very soon.

It’s been two months. Ten days since your answer. No solution, and the sunset and sundown scenes are still broken. This is getting ridiculous.