Issue with Google Home skill

Hi, my Yeelight Skill in Google Assistant had a big issue just now. I renamed my Desk Lamp and Google Home can’t manage the new name I set. So I launched “Synchronize devices” command and it answered me that only the owner of the account can synchronize it. So I logged out from Yeelight account on Google Assistant and re-logged in without any results. I tried again and now I can’t connect the account.

Sounds like you or a family member originally did it on another account (they have to syncronize it on that account) also when you change things in Google home, especially adding/removing services, it can take up to a few days for their servers to sync everything.

It started to give me this issue without any changes. I renamed only the lamp as I’ve always made. Moreover, I used always my account, the only other one in my house is my girlfriend’s account that has never made anything. Every account were added by me. So it should synchronize and not answer to me that “only the owner…”. It seems to me that is related to Google Home Skills because the Alexa and the yeelight app work correctly. Only Google Home has issue. This afternoon it seems to e OK again, synchronized my devices and after an hour it answered Mr that couldn’t switch on my Yeelight. Trying to sinchronize it gave me the same issue as yesterday.


Which server are you connected ? you know what, Germany servers are not supported event notifications.

Hi yusure,
thank you in advance. All my devices are hosted on Mainland Cina server. So I can manage them with Xiaomi Home sensors, Google Assistant and Alexa :slight_smile:

The issue seems solved by itself? Was it a Yeelight or Google Assistant issue?