New Ceiling light flickers and cannot be configured


I just got my Yeelight Crystal Ceiling Light plus I ordered.

When I power it on it flickers every few seconds.
I’m trying to run it’s initial configuration. The Yeelight application can find the device after few times I’m running discovery but at some point I’m getting an error message saying connection timed out. After retrying few time the application asks to try manually connecting to the device wireless network and I cannot see the network. I tried with few devices and even with a different router.

It looks like the the light is rebooting every few seconds.

Please advise

Sorry for that!
Please refer to the following steps:

Option One:
Check to see if you are using the following router: Tenda mw5s or ASUS AC86U.
If you are using one of these models, please turn off the router first, connect the device with a mobile phone hotspot, and upgrade the firmware before connecting to the router.

Option II:
Contact our after-sales department to replace the module after upgrading the firmware.

It is working. Thanks very much!

I have a Tenda Nova mesh in my house that probably interfeer with the Yeelight light.
I turned it off and the flickering stopped. I was able to set up the light successfully.

Saying this, the light is on the latest version so there is no available firmware update,


Please provide your Xiaomi ID, I will check the firmware version of this device in the background.


It’s currently offline. I’ll connect it later on today and let you know.

Thanks a lot for your help!

And which server do you use? And please have a look which firmware do you use.