Cant enter network name on iOS 13 Yeelight App


I have been using the app for about a year now. I was testing iOS 13 beta on my iPhone 7 Plus and when I try to add new devices, I go to “Install your device” page, click on Next Step and I go to the “Select Network” page. On this page, I can click on Please enter Wi-Fi password input and enter the password but the network name input is unclickable. It just never becomes editable, feels like it is disabled.

Probably something about iOS 13 beta. Could you please take a look?

The network name field is automatically filled by the app reading from the system, and it is unclickable indeed.
So maybe there’s some permission issue for reading network info on iOS13 beta. I will look into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Oh, since nothing was showing up and it says enter, I thought it was supposed to be editable. Yes the network information does not show up in that field.

Thank you so much.