Cant enter network name on iOS 13 Yeelight App


I have been using the app for about a year now. I was testing iOS 13 beta on my iPhone 7 Plus and when I try to add new devices, I go to “Install your device” page, click on Next Step and I go to the “Select Network” page. On this page, I can click on Please enter Wi-Fi password input and enter the password but the network name input is unclickable. It just never becomes editable, feels like it is disabled.

Probably something about iOS 13 beta. Could you please take a look?

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The network name field is automatically filled by the app reading from the system, and it is unclickable indeed.
So maybe there’s some permission issue for reading network info on iOS13 beta. I will look into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Oh, since nothing was showing up and it says enter, I thought it was supposed to be editable. Yes the network information does not show up in that field.

Thank you so much.

Any news? I’ve the same issue on iOS 13 beta 3…

I can’t setup my yeelight v2 color as well because of that :frowning:


I’m also unable to connect the Yeelight with iOS 13 beta. With iOS 12 I had no problems and since I like the light I bought a second one. Before it arrived I upgraded to iOS 13 beta. I had no problems using the first light.
When the second light came I reset the first light to install group light, but the app doesn’t say I should buy a light.
Trying to install a single light also doesn’t work, so now I’m stuck with 2 very bright white lights. (I have 2 colored versions.)

I hope you can find a solution soon.

There is a way to get it to work.
Download the Mi Home app. You can install the light from there and share it to your account. It shows up in the Yeelight app and is ready to use.

I am not sure if my case is in the same problem as my V2 color bulb could not connect to the Wi-Fi network it was stuck at 25% complete then failed. I am using iPhone 7Plus and iOS 12.3.1 and I picked Singapore server, please advice.

I found a hack yoo… I registered here just to share this, thought it may help.

  1. open the app until they ask for wifi password
  2. disconnect your wifi (no connection at all)
  3. check the app, now the wifi name will be blank
  4. now connect again with your wifi
  5. the app will show the correct current wifi name
  6. follow the rest instruction :smiley:
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for me appear in name: Wi-Fi ;/, ios 13.1 beta same problems with connection…

  1. so im connected with my AP (eg XYZ) on iphone
  2. in app i see Wi-Fi in name field, i put the password for my origin network (XYZ AP)
  3. i see instruction lets connect to your light…
  4. i switch to buble wifi
  5. im going back to yeelight app and its stucked on instruction (3.)

Make sure that the Wifi you have connected was 2.4 Ghz. then try connecting again my problem is solved by that :wink:

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I am unable to enter the network name. I’ve attempted all of the suggestions in this thread, but non of them have fixed the problem. Any other recommendations?

Also cant find wifi name, in IOS 13.1.3. no matter what I try.
It is useless…
Doesnt work with the Mi home app either

Check out this.

Has anyone managed to solve this problem yet? Tried every solution I could find but nothing seems to work. I even downloaded the beta Yeelight app through Apple Testflight, no success…

Yes, there is a solution and it’s quite simple. I was playing around, having the same problem. Tried the mi home solution, same problem. But in the mi home it simply said to restart. So I did. And what do you know, it worked just like that in the yeelight app. Just make sure your network is 2.4 ghz.

Hi all,

i just bought this item,
and its cant connect to my iphone
can u guys please help,
and i try both mi home anda yeelight
its stuck adna 25 % and mi home just failed ,
so dissapointed in this product :frowning:

Is there a fix for this? Everytime I attempt to enter the network name I am sent to the Yeelight app preferences.

It will not allow me to select the network.

Did you get it working in the end?

Switch to precise location. Still cannot get why should I ruin my privacy to setup a lightbulb?