Yeelight LED Bulb No "Fade In and Out" effect after update to 1.4.2_0075

I notice a change in the way my Yeelight turn on and off after updating to firmware 1.4.2_0075.
Before update, the brightness of the Yeelight LED bulb will “Fade In” and “Fade Out” when it is turned on or off which is very pleasant to the eyes.

However, after updating to Firmware 1.4.2_0075, the brightness will just increase to max when turn on and reduced to zero when turn off which is very distracting.

Can you revert back the turn on and off brightness behaviour to the previous one. This is really annoying.



Which device do you have and what’s the full version of the firmware?

My device is the "Yeelight LED Bulb (Color)

The firmware is 1.4.2_0075

I updated it recently, and only after update I have this behavior change. Can you revert this change in the next firmware update?


Hi Dingyichen,
Any finding? Thanks

I have tested from our lab, there’s actually no fade in and out effect in latest firmware version. We will take a look at the issue.

Yes, there was a fade in and our effect in the previous firmware. Please help to restore this functionality back. It was more pleasing to have fade in and out. :slight_smile:

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Otherwise, can you tell me how to downgrade to the previous firmware version?

Hello, I confirmed that we update firmware to fix the lamp flash blue/red color in some cases, which will effect fade in and fade out.

If you select Mainland china server, please share the bulb to account: 268240019, I will help downgrade firmware.

Hello, It’s good that the firmware update will fix the lamp flashing blue/red issue. However, will the fade in and fade out functionality will be restored in the future firmware?

I have shared 3 of my bulbs (Entrance, Ceiling, and Arstid) to your account. Please help to downgrade to the previously working firmware. Thank you. :slight_smile: Can you let me know after you downgraded the firmware? Thanks.

My Xiaomi account: 1597295805

No, I don’t think so.

Please have a check, your bulb is in version 1.4.2_0070 now. Please note if you want fade in and out effect, please don’t update again.

Hi Dingyichen,
I have 3 bulbs which I shared with you. You only update 1. Can you help to update the other 2 (Entrance and Arstid Light)? I have re-shared it again.Thanks.


Thanks a lot for your help. All changed to previous firmware.
I just hope that the functionality can be restored, or at least not removed in the Yeelight Color LED v2. I have several of them too.

Thank you.

Don’t worry about v2, this only affects bulb v1.

Can you help me witha similar problem please?

Hello Guys,
I’m also have few 1st gen Color Yeelight bulbs which got affected by firmware 1.4.2 0075.
I’m not sure what version were before but after update and hearing Dingyichen explanation on blue red blinking fix, I could tell that this fix broke’d almost all bulb functionality.
Preset like “Romance”; “Movie”; “Nightlight”; “Sunset”; “Sunrise”; now are washed color and do not remind RGB bulb at all. Even “FLOW” mode are broken. No between blue tones, yellow tones, and red tones You do not see smooth transaction, You can see sudden flip instead.
Second gen Color bulb are fine…
IDK but I didnt had any blinking issues before, and I kinda liked WARM orange nighlight it had, And deep Purple Romance preset…
At begining I thought its LED were got burned out, but for example if i set real red, it would be RED, and if I set red with other accents by a margin, it get washed out red.
It’s like shadow of second gen bulb now.
I even tried to reset bulb. but that didnt helped.
Can You Mr. Dingyichen tell me is this fix now permanent and supposed as isue sloved and nothing will be changed in the future, or its just buggy solution made by mistake which will be fixed in the future?
If its permanent, Can i get downgraded firmware also?

Best Regards

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Have exactly same problem. Any help, please?

Will fix in next release.

@Wywerex, please provider your xiaomi account, I can help add to whitelist, so you can update to resolve the issue.

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Good day, @dingyichen I am experiencing the same issues on V1, Can you please help me downgrade? This is my Xiaomi Account set to Mainland China: 1903087349.

Thank you in advance.

My account number: 1789818800 set to Mainland China.

Thank You.