Mi home APP Europe server


I have a white bulb yldp05yl added on yeelight app, working with no problem
In MI Home App, this bulb is not recognized (I use German server). Other yeelights products like lightstrip and colour bulb work fine on both apps.
This is important for me because I have a Xiaomi gateway (European) and I need to integrate all devices (eg use cube/switch to control all lights)
Thank you

exactly the same issue here, asked a few times but every time i was ignored by yeelight staff…

Hello, the logic is on Mihome, it doesn’t support devices that don’t sell officially in the area where the server is. We have no idea about that :rofl:

Actually , the bulbs were bought in europe and they are for european customers. CE markings on the box, English instructions, etc… However, the european server does not recognize them. Only the chinese. Whats now? Do yeelight/mi provide support… Or should we leave everything like this and just loose our money…?
Xiaomi support is a joke. Whats about yeelight?

Yes, but it’s a product of Yeelight, you can use Yeelight application well.

We will ask mihone if there’s something new policy if we want mihome supports in Europe server, we will push it work if it is possible.


Like @tnsantos said bulbs are from europe and using germany server. (at least mine)
Yes yeelight app works but there are not automations there, only in mi home.
Also this is obviously a limitation because of 2 facts:

  1. When i add mi home in google home beseides yeelight i’m seing the yeelight bulbs 2 times… so they are there.
  2. Mi home app counts the yeelight as devices, but does not show them, which is funny. This is clearly a bad limitation.

Same here with 22 devices of generation 1! :-/