Led strip don't turn off

Hello, I bought a led strip but I’m facing two issues, maybe one is a consequence of the other.
My strip do not turn off, even when I press the physical button or in the app, instead of turn off, it changes to a red color. The only way to turn it off is to pulling out of the energy.
The second problem is that when I select a blue color, it not changes to blue, it looks like a purple. So I believe that the problem is that the red color is always on, even when the led strip should be off.
The firmware is 1.4.2_0049 and my server is United States.
Thank you and I hope someone can help me.

Same problem here.

Bought one yesterday, and it was working fine. After receiving a new fw upgrade to 1.4.2_0049 ,I upgraded and now i can’t turn the strip off

Not with the app, and not with the physical button

The only way to turn it off is pulling out of the socket

Also lost the red&purple colors.

Tried to reset but no help there.

any chance downgrading to the previous fw or get a fix with the any new one?

Unfortunelly, the staff don’t give a shit for his customers

I get the same problem with one. But both of my led strips turned crazy after update. The second strip turns offline (the little blue notification turns off and disconects from wifi) when strip is attached to adapter. When i physically disconnect it the adapter turns on. Crazy! !!! I have 2.0.6_0063 fw

Hi everyone! I have the same problem here! Has anyone managed to fix it?