yeelight app cant connect to mi bedside lamp hotspot?

I tried various time by resetting lamp and connecting to its hotspot…but during connection hotspot disappears around 45% and connection failed
My server was singapore (recommended)

Does the lamp connect to your router?

Actually I dont have a home router , rather a public college wifi.
The product also shows BT connection but I cant see anything in my device.
Please help.

The lamp can only work with a router using WPA / WPA 2 encryption method with a password, please have a check about it.

And bluetooth is used for bluetooth gateway and remote support, it doesn’t support ble connection with apps.

I bought yesterday at the store of Xiaomi Brazil a Mi Bedside Lamp, and until now I can not get it to connect. How long for MiHome to try, it shows “Request timed out” and how much do I try for the Yeelight app? It shows Connected Failed and sometimes it renders, but returns to the device screen and does not add. I already tried to use another router and it did not work. I could not use the lixin account, it displays password invalid.

My ID is 6201087196

Thanks for the quick reply.
I tried to connect it with other’s device hotspot but still doesn’t work.
Anyway I will try it with a router. Is there any settings/configurations I should worry about.

Also before yeelight I used mi home app which doesn’t show any mi bedside lamp option . So Is it necessary to have mi app?

What’s your xiaomi account?

@alexbarruda @Hrugved

Please refer to Connection timeout issue, have changed password back.

My issue has been resolved, thank you.