Light bulbs not showing in Google Home via Mi Home

I’am using 4 Yeelight color bulbs V2 now in the Yeelight app. The bulbs are also showing in Google Home for now. And I can control them via routines or voice commands with Google Assistent.

But I was willing to delete the Yeelight app and control the lights via de Mi Home app so i can also use them with scenes on my Mi Home gateway with motion and doorsensors. I can add the Yeelights in the Mi Home app and control them but when i connected Mi Home to Google Home the lights will not show up in Google Home. So now i can not use my lights with routines in Google Home.

Anyone knows why the lights via Mi Home wont show up in Google Home?

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Mihome and Yeelight share the same cloud server, so if you connect the bulb to mihome you could also see it in Yeelight with the same server. About google home issue, maybe mihome skill hasn’t support the bulb yet. You can still select Yeelight skill in Google home and you can also find the bulbs.

So if I set Yeelight and MiHome app both to China mainland for example I should see the bulb in the Yeelight app when adding it in the MiHome app?

Yes, you only need to set it in 1 app, you’ll see it in other if on the same server.

I have tried it but no luck I have added the bulb in MiHome (M16 Lamp) but it won’t show up in Yeelight app (Slaapkamer is a different bulb). Both China server.



It is working now! I had to different account ID’s so logged in on both apps with the same ID now.