GU10 bulbs.

Hi there, just looking for an update on release of a Yeelight LED Colour GU10 product. Phillips have had one for years now and on AliExpress there are dozens of dodgy brands offering them. I’m positive that with the quality of the many other yeelight and xiaomi products I own, they would be able to make a great GU10 bulb. I personally have 22 GU10 bulbs in my home and almost every new home in Australia (made int the last 10 years, and many older homes too) has between 12-30+ of these GU10 fittings. The market will be incredibly lucrative when you can get something made because they are always in banks of 4, 6 or more, so you would be selling multiple bulbs almost every time. I would order 22 the day they are released as I have every other bulb in my home as a yeelight colour bulb (18 bulbs) and I’m sure many, many others would also. In addition, has a colour E14 been made yet either? I have a handful of these in my home and would love to replace them also.

Hi all,
Im looking to this as well. Have 10 Yeelight bulbs and enjoying product quality ans reliability.
Looking forward to have at least estimate.

Just to share with you all :slight_smile:

@ Yeelight suport team can you please confirm?

And they’re here :slight_smile: