Change scenes order/reorganize scenes

Hello, hope everyone is having a good day.

Maybe I’m being dumb here, but I can’t find a way to reorganize my scenes on the Yeelight iOS app other that just deleting the scenes and setting them up again.

For example, if I have 8 scenes and want my eighth scene to be the second, I would have to delete scenes 2-7, and the recreate them. This is highly unpractical, and also kind of doesn’t make sense that we can’t reorganize the scenes. I tried just pressing and holding the icons, but nothing happened.

So, am I being dumb, or is this feature really missing from the app? Thanks in advance to you all, peace!

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Sorry for the inconvenience, scenes can’t support feature of reorder:rofl:

But are you guys working on something like that? I’m no programmer, but I can’t se a reason why the app can’t support this feature.