Yeelight BLE MESH Spotlights - BIG ISSUES !!!!


i bought six Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Spotlights and the Xiao AI Clock (Gateway).

MY Apartment ist completely Upgraded to Mi Home Smart Home! I´m using a lot of Xiaomi Smart Home Products at Home !
Like Yeelight 650, 480, LED Bulbs, Zhirui Philips Downlights, Aqara Double Rocker Switches, Mi Gateway etc…

My idea was to buy the New Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Downlights and Spotlights and replace it with my Philips Zhirui Downlights and use my Aqara Double rocker switches !

The Yeelight Mesh Downlights and Spotlights only have TWO Actions in the Automation Section !!!
There is Only:
-Turn On
-Turn Off

NO MORE !!! There is not even a “Turn On/Off” Option !!!

I need:
-Turn On/Off
-Turn On and set Light to specific Scene
-Turn On Light and set light to Bright Mode
-Turn On Light and set light to Dimm Mode

Actually this Downlights are unusable !!!


Hi, we are working on the automation section, will be ready in a month, stay tuned.

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One Month passed. Still no Update :sweat:

Are your costumers your Beta Testers ?

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