Yeelight BLE MESH Spotlights - BIG ISSUES !!!!


i bought six Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Spotlights and the Xiao AI Clock (Gateway).

MY Apartment ist completely Upgraded to Mi Home Smart Home! I´m using a lot of Xiaomi Smart Home Products at Home !
Like Yeelight 650, 480, LED Bulbs, Zhirui Philips Downlights, Aqara Double Rocker Switches, Mi Gateway etc…

My idea was to buy the New Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Downlights and Spotlights and replace it with my Philips Zhirui Downlights and use my Aqara Double rocker switches !

The Yeelight Mesh Downlights and Spotlights only have TWO Actions in the Automation Section !!!
There is Only:
-Turn On
-Turn Off

NO MORE !!! There is not even a “Turn On/Off” Option !!!

I need:
-Turn On/Off
-Turn On and set Light to specific Scene
-Turn On Light and set light to Bright Mode
-Turn On Light and set light to Dimm Mode

Actually this Downlights are unusable !!!


Hi, we are working on the automation section, will be ready in a month, stay tuned.

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One Month passed. Still no Update :sweat:

Are your costumers your Beta Testers ?

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news about the update?


still no update. I´m very disappointed. why does it take so long ? Whats the Problem ?

Two Months past and still no Update!

What’s the Problem?

Development of the feature is ready, currently it’s in QA feature verification team. Will be online once they verify it.

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Hello quite the same question I received my yeelight dowlight mesh spot yesterday and I was so desapointed.
Really to read this good new from you.

Waiting for the update :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

the fact that you people (after all these years) believe what Yeelight staff say… it really amuses me.

WHEN they verify it ??? i bought a Product and need support ! Why is it so complicated ?

I bought so many of these “smart” lamps and for 7 months I can not use them as I wanted. I am very disappointed that the only way to manage this is to speak Chinese. When will the API?

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Hello, when will we see the Update, this year? Or will the Update be a new Hardware Product?

Is it a Gateway Problem or a Software Problem?

Please let us know the truth!

This Answer ist Copy&Paste

whats the Problem with Verification?

New firmware is released, please have a try.

There was an updated available for my BLE Downlights. For my BLE Spotlights there is still no Update.

I have installed the update, but still nothing changed.

  • Automation: Turn On, Turn Off - no more
  • Shortcut Task in Mi Home - Not working
  • Google Home - Google is giving me an Error, dimming not working inside Google Home or Smart Things.

So Nothing has changed.

I think the Google Home Problem has something to do with the Shortcut Problem inside Mi Home

Right now this Updated fucked up my Downlights. They are Offline, not working anymore!

Please help

Hello, Big Thanks to Yeelight Team. Finally New Automations have been added to Mi Home today !

New Automations are working great for BLE MESH Downlights with newest Firmware !
New Automations are actually NOT working with the BLE MESH Spotlights! If i set the new Automations for BLE Spotlights, the Automations are not working (Nothing happens).
Looks like we have to wait for new Firmware for the Spotlights. My Spotlights are still on the first Firmware (they never updated).

I had the Xiaomi Philips ZhiRui Downlights before, but they have been very buggy. Sometimes they turn on off by themself, or if you turn on 6 Lights, only 3 turn on and the others not etc…
The BLE Downlights do what they have to do right now. Turn On/Off and Brightness Adjust works great right now. Without any Problems ! The Benefit of BLE System is the very quick Response Time.

I only found one more Bug in Google Home:
-Turn On and Off Works great in Google Home
-Hey Google, Set the Brightness to “Higher Number” works
-Hey Google, Set the Brightness to “Lower Number” is NOT working, but Google Home is thinking it works…

Thanks for feedback, we will take a look at it.