No White color for LED Strip plus / LED Strip Aurora

Hi, there is no white colour for my LED strip plus
Im using china server.
I thought it will have white as white was removed for EU only.

Please add me.

Mi id: 293340989

Same issue here in the US using the US server. Would it be possible to add me to the whitelist as well?

Mi id: 1619639949

I also cannot access white color modw
Yes please add me to whitelist
Mi id: 1642281887

Using Singapore server

I also don’t have white color mode for three Yeelight Strip Plus. Connected to Singapore server, please add my Mi ID 1854122596 to whitelist. Thanks.

Hi everyone,
Yeelight aurora smart lightstrip plus doesn’t support white light now.
But we will add back white color in servers except Germany server, it is removed to pass ERP certification in Europe. FYI.

When will the white colour be added back?

We are working on it, please wait with patient~

I also cannot access white color yeelight Aurora led strip plus it worked for 2 weeks and now I don’t have any white color option
Yes please add me to whitelist
Mi id: 1616501240

Using China mainland server

Hi same problem… I’m not using apple homekit can I get my white color back?
Using this to replace older strip ends up with no white light

Please add me to the White color list on YeeLight Strip Plus:
Mi Id: 1637509487 China Mainland server with Mi Home App. Thanks

Same problem…can you please add me to the whitelist?
ID: 1612659131

Thank you

Please add me!
ID: 6247096709
Server: France
Platform: Mi Home

Hello, I would like to request whitelisting as well, my acoount is 6335540050.

Hi, I would like to request whitelisting as well, my account ID: 1580013765
Server EU (Frankfurt)

Please add me! I need white color
ID: 6264840380
Server: Romania
Platform: Mi Home