Switches / Remotes to control Yeelight and further advice

Hi there dear Yeelight enthusiasts

I am moving by the end of this month and I would like to make my new aparment “as smart as possible”
First of all I would like to know which switches or remotes etc. are supported by the Yeelight Bulbs V2 and the Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip (from indiegogo)

And in general, do any of you enthusiasts have any tricks or tips to smartify and simplify my home?

You can use ANY Xiaomi switch, that is wireless switch, for Yeelight bulb. But you need a hub (gateway). There are 4 switches, Aqara single button, double button, round one, square one. They all have similar functionality, some have double click or long press, some don’t.

I have had the problem before that i need to have my yeelights on the “mainland china” server to be able to control them with the aqara or xiaomi switches (with Xiaomi gateway)… If i have my yeelights on the mainland china server I can’t use my google home to control the lights. Have they solved this now?

Using IFTTT you should be able to control Yeelight lights using any smart switch that is compatible with IFTTT, but nothing will work without internet connection and will have some delay.

The option that I’m using is a little bit more complex to set up, but works great - Home Assistant. It can control your lights over LAN and you can set as many automations as you wish. I’m even using my Philips Hue dimmers with Yeelight lights, I have advanced conditions for Xiaomi switches using HA as well (click once to turn on light with 1% brightness, second click increases brightness to 100% etc).
Setting up Home Assistant requires a lot of work though, and its the best to have Raspberry Pi and run HA on it using Hassio.

For me it works… I can control all my lights plus air purifier, and i am on china server. There are separate addons for Yeelight and for MiHome.